The Weresheep of Original Sin

We are the Weresheep of Original Sin. This page is WIP, and currently mostly a collection of (very interesting!) links that are relevant to Divinity Original Sin and its kickstarter campaign. Logo by Stabbey & LordCrash. Banner by Spice and LordCrash.

Website Design

Larian's kickstarter campaign is over, so we have time to start thinking about a nice overhaul of the weresheep home. Personally, I like the general layout and such, but at least the colors can be changed to fit the divinity universe more. Some parts of the template are actual images, so I can't just quickly fiddle with css colors to change its appearance. Personally, I suck at designing pretty websites (I'm the technical guy ^_^), but if anyone would make me a dokuwiki (angura compatible) template, I'll gladly try it out. Other suggestions are welcome, too. Just drop me a note somewhere where I'll notice it. :-) (The template you see now is named scanlines.)


  • D:OS Alpha is released! The central place to give feedback and discuss the alpha version is over at Larian's forums. In attempt to create some order in chaos, reduce duplicate information on the forums, and make it easier in general to know what people have been saying about the alpha, I have started a alpha bugs and requests page. The intent is to keep all discussions on the forum, and keep an up-to-date summary over here. Feel free to contribute!
  • Kickstarter accounts are now able to be linked over at! So head on over and either a) link your existing Larian Vault account or b) create a new account and then link it. If you have placed your name down for one of the drawings for the extra Kickstarter games, please head over to that page and read the instructions.
  • Kickstarter campaign is over! Divinity: Original Sin is fully funded and we reached every stretch goal, the 1M stretch goal included. The campaign only collected about $0.95M (kickstarter, paypal and codex+watch fundraisers) but Swen stated live on video that they will do the NPC schedules, day/night cycles and weather systems anyway. Thanks, Larian, for the awesome time and the successful crowdfunding campaign, we weresheep are definitely looking forward to the game and we will support you all the way! Congrats! :)
  • (4/25/13 Jan clarifies the “design a henchman” tier:
  • If you pledge to back a henchman you will get to design a character and yes, he or she will have a unique background and dialogue. The difference between them and companions is simply that the story line of companions will be very deep and diverse - like Dragon Commander. There will be a limited number of them because they require very very much work. We can't possible do that for every henchman. But that is where the difference ends. You'll make the guy or girl you like; design their look; their abilities; their build; their background; what they have to say. They will feel like individuals, not puppets, it's just that they won't have separate quests. Have another look at this video: Between minutes 3.04 and 3.34 you can see Axel customising a character. This is an example of how you'll be able to create a look for your hench(wo)man.
  • (4/21/13) Made up a question section for Larian. This also includes some answers to questions that have been asked. Questions come here!
  • Expect surprises! ^.^

Other communities are also raising funds for D:OS, and will pledge as one:

*The total is the net amount minus PayPal fees.

Of course, don't forget to check out the news thread in the forums over at Larian's and keep creating buzz about D:OS at different forums too keep it in the news!

Modding Forum

Hello all you weresheep! Tovarah took an initiative and setup a modding forum for us to use. Yes, Larian will be setting up a subforum for us eventually, but this is another place to start the planning and discussion for modding in D:OS. It is still a work in progress as it is setup, but head on over to if you would like to start talking about modding.

Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter Campaign


About the Weresheep

Joining the Weresheep of Original Sin (on KS) is quite simple: Upgrade your pledge by 6 $ and you're in. Why $6? It's the number of the beast! You can add more if you feel uncomfortable with that of course. ^_^ Help us spread the word about Divinity: Original Sin!

We have been declared a guild by the way. :-D We also have a community on Steam and we can be found on facebook.

If you're interested in contributing to this wiki, just create your account and wait for me to see your request. Poking me on the Larian forums may or may not accelerate the process. ;-)

You may also view the current roster of the Weresheep of Original Sin members.

Blackfalcon is writing about the history of the weresheep. His work can be found in his lore thread on the Larian D:OS forums. Enjoy!

Extra KS backed games WoOS Giveaway!!

Members of the Weresheep of Original Sin can enter into a members free game giveaway. This is not sponsored by Larian, and was something a couple Weresheep members came up with. Head on over here to read more details about this Giveaway!

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